The Blue Barrel

About Us

Incorporated in September 2006, The Blue Barrel Pte. Ltd. lives by its motto and vision of delivering great solutions that make recruitment and staffing an effortless activity for its clients. We, at The Blue Barrel, employ only the best methodologies in meeting your employment or recruitment needs and provide an end-to-end solution.

We specialize in catering to the staffing needs of engineering and construction companies with expertise in staffing for the Oil & Gas sector. Our consultants are equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the engineering and construction processes and are well aware of the precise skill-set required, to fill each position. Hence, they furnish the best and most relevant professionals, to help realize your goals. In circumstances where you need short-term contract-based employees, our trained consultants are an asset who can source for such talented individuals and get them for you.

As part of our cost-saving solutions, we assume the role of a legal employer for contract workers thus shouldering the responsibility in the provision of insurance, worker’s compensation, administration of payroll and leave etc. This makes us a one-stop solution provider for you.

With proven experience of over 8 years, we have filled roles that manage some of the largest multi-million dollar projects in the region. Down this lane, we have not only won laurels and accolades, but also our client’s valuable and unswerving trust in us. We further envision, serving a wider client base and satiating their manpower needs, in a way that lends nothing but deep satisfaction.

Our Vision

Great solutions that make recruitment and job seeking effortless.

Our Mission

The Outcome

• Employers can divert their energy towards the strategic processes of the business.
• Satisfied job seekers with multiple growth opportunities and a professional profile cut out to suit their skills and job aspirations.

The Solution

• Providing an end-to-end staffing solution, as per the recruitment needs of the employers.
• Opening the floodgate of job opportunities for our job seekers and providing them with the best and the most relevant job profiles.

Our Values


With a commendable team that works with sheer determination and deep passion for their job. We put the interests of our clients first, we nurture the professional aspirations of our job seekers and catalyze the massive staffing tasks of the employers. We believe in maintaining a long term bond of trust and reliability with our clients: employers and job seekers alike.


We uphold and stand by our core values of integrity, transparency and outright professionalism.

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